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Background Check and Criminal History


Copies of Georgia criminal history reports are available from the Records Division in the front lobby of the Sheriff's Office. Please have a valid Georgia photo I.D. at the time of the request. 

Georgia Criminal history reports are available for the following purposes:

  • Employment background check

  • Firearms permit applications

  • Guardianship cases

  • Immigration cases

Two types of Georgia criminal history reports are available:

  • A lifetime report on yourself (complete adult misdemeanor and felony history- Georgia only)

  • A lifetime report on another person (felony convictions only - Georgia only)



Report Schedule:

On yourself = $20.00

On another person = $20.00


Payment must be in the form of cash, credit cards or money order only. There is a small processing fee for the use of your credit card.

The requesting person must present a valid Georgia photo I.D. for the report to be notarized by Sheriff's Office personnel. If the requester does not have a valid Georgia I.D. they will still be able to obtain the report, but it will not be notarized. If requesting a report on another person, you will need that person's full name, date of birth, and if at all possible, their social security number.


Processing and Pickup

Criminal histories may be picked up the following business day after 12pm at the Records office, located in the front lobby of the Sheriff's Office at 2859 Browns Bridge Road in Gainesville, before 5pm, Monday through Friday.


Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact us at 770-531-6877 or by email.

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