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About Sheriff Gerald Couch


Born and raised in Hall County, Sheriff Gerald Couch is a veteran law enforcement professional who has spent the last 36 years protecting Hall County citizens from the criminal element.


He joined the Hall County Sheriff’s Office in 1981 and ascended through the ranks. Sheriff Couch has been a Jailer, Patrol Deputy, Field Training Officer, Investigator, Sergeant and Lieutenant. Prior to being elected sheriff in 2012, he served as the Major with the Gainesville Police Department. In this position he was second in command to the Chief of Police.


During his career, Sheriff Couch has had thousands of hours of advanced law enforcement training. His training and education includes Chief Executive Training, Police Manpower Allocation, Budget Administration, Departmental Organization, Employee Selection Process and Promotional Systems, Leadership/Management Role of the Chief Executive Officer and Jail Administration.


Sheriff Couch has a broad range of experience in the law enforcement profession having trained, worked, supervised and managed in nearly every area, including detention, uniform patrol, narcotics, internal affairs, crime prevention and criminal investigations. His life and career have been centered on providing professional service to the community he loves, being fiscally responsible to those he serves, and leading those in the department by example.


"My entire adult life has been dedicated to serving Hall County," Sheriff Couch says. "This is the community where I live and work. I truly love our great county and strive every day to make it a safer place to live, work and visit.  I want people to feel secure in their homes, walking or driving on the roadways, or while they're out enjoying the many amenities Hall County has to offer. With community involvement, exceptional law enforcement services and teamwork we can achieve those goals."

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