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Reserve Unit


The Hall County Sheriff's Office Reserve Program was initiated to take advantage of an existing pool of retired law enforcement officers and officers who had moved on to careers in the private sector, but who also still possess a strong desire to continue serving while maintaining their law enforcement training and certifications


Volunteer Deputies

This program is based strictly upon volunteerism, and the only associated cost is that of issuing each officer his or her basic equipment. These experienced men and women volunteer their time to work on major events such as parades, sporting events, and other functions requiring a large law enforcement presence, thus allowing full-time officers to continue their regular duties, while saving the taxpayers of Hall County all salary expenses. In addition, much of the Marine Patrol activities on Lake Lanier are handled by these reserve deputies.

These officers have performed duties in various divisions of the Sheriff's Office and have saved the taxpayers thousands of dollars in salaries and overtime. The experience that they bring to the department is invaluable.



Reserve Unit Contact


Captain Greg Cochran

(770) 718-2350


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