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Court Fees


Most Common Fees
Please note that this is not legal advice and the fees are subject to change without notice if the law is changed. The Civil Division does not determine nor does it set the fee amount for any service. The fees are set by state law (O.C.G.A. § 15-16-21). All of the fees are shown at the bottom this screen. Fees are non-refundable.


Item                                                                                  Fee                                                                          

Service (per service, per person, per address)                        $50 


All out-of-state service (per service, per person, per address)   $50


Service of any garnishment or rule against garnishee              $50


Service of Dispossessory Proceeding                                      $25 (There is an additional $25 charge for an eviction                                                                                                            [Writ of Possession to Evict])


Evictions (Writ of Possession)                                               $25 (There is a separate and distinct fee from service of                                                                                                          a Dispossessory Proceeding which is also $25) 


Service of subpoenas                                                           $25 per subpoena


Fi. Fa (Writ of Fiera Facias)                                                   All expenses such as advertising, towing (if any), storage, Sheriff’s                                                                                          fees, etc. must be paid by the plaintiff. All other expenses, if any,                                                                                            will be deducted at time of sale.


Nulla Bona of a Fi. Fa. (Write of Fiera Facias)                         Pay to Sheriff of Hall County $20 and pay to Clerk of Hall County                                                                                              Superior Court $7. Mail both checks along with the original Fi. Fa.                                                                                            with your request to the Civil Division at the address above.



Commissions on Sales of Property

Sale Amount                                                                       Commission Fee                                                        

Sums of $50 or less                                                             8% 


Sums between $50 and $550                                                6% 


All sums exceeding $550                                                      3% 


No commissions shall be charged unless property is actually sold. The entire fee schedule can be found on the internet at LexisNexis®.



Complete Fee Schedule

Civil Case Item                                                                                   Fee                                                           

Serving copy of process and returning original, per copy                         $50


Action from another county, to be paid in advance                                 $50


Summoning each witness                                                                    $10


Each levy or Writ of Fiery Facias                                                           $50


Search and return of Nulla Bona                                                           $20


Serving summons of garnishment or rule against garnishee                     $50


If more than one, for each additional copy                                             $6


Commissions of sales of property, on sums of $50 or less                        8%


Commissions of sales of property, on excess above $50 up to $550          6%


For all sums exceeding $550, on excess                                                 3%

(No commissions shall be charged unless property is actually sold)
Making out and executing titles to land                                                  $50


If presented by purchaser                                                                     $20


Executing bill of sale to personal property, when demanded by purchaser  $20


Forthcoming bonds                                                                              $13


Serving process against tenant over or intruder upon land to dispossess    $25


For dispossessing tenant or intruder                                                       $25


Taking and returning counter-affidavit when summary process to              $13

dispossess tenant or intruder is resisted


Settling each execution in his or her hands, settled without sale                $20


Levying an attachment                                                                          $50


Collecting tax Fi. Fas $100 or less, each                                                  $10


Collecting tax Fi. Fas. over $100, each                                                    $20



Criminal Case Item                                                                               Fee                                                         

Removing prisoner when Habeas Corpus is sought for his or her relief       $15.00


Removing prisoners under Habeas Corpus when no mileage paid, per day  $15.00


Attending persons taken by warrant to judge's chamber, for each time      $4.50


Conducting prisoner before judge or court to and from jail                        $4.50


Executing and returning any warrant                                                      $25.00


Serving any citation issued pursuant to Article 10 of Chapter 10 of this       $25.00

title, Relating to bad check prosecutions or any warrant


Summoning each witness                                                                      $10.00


Taking bonds in criminal cases                                                               $20.00


Executing a warrant of escape                                                               $10.00


Service in every criminal case before a judge or a judge and jury               $10.00


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