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Traffic Enforcement


The goal of the Traffic Enforcement Unit is to make the roads and highways of our community safe for the citizens and visitors of Hall County. Under direction of supervisor, Lt. Todd Casper, the Traffic Enforcement Unit provides high visibility patrols and enforces Georgia's traffic laws, thereby reducing the number of crashes and the severity of injuries received from crashes by gaining voluntary compliance with the traffic laws of the State of Georgia.


The traffic enforcement unit consists of 8 officers and 1 hit-and-run investigator. In their efforts to gain compliance with traffic laws, these deputies patrol in marked cars and on motorcycles, as well as utilize deterrence devices such as RADAR speed trailers and data gathering devices mounted in key locations.


Traffic-Related Events


The Traffic Enforcement Unit is also responsible for other traffic-related events such as holiday enforcement efforts, school crossing assignments, and escorts for funerals, parades, and similar functions.


Reporting Concerns


To report a specific traffic enforcement problem or an area of concern please contact us.


Traffic-Calming and Signage


For information regarding speed tables (speed bumps), traffic control signals and signs, as well as planning for road entrances, contact Hall County Traffic Engineering at 770-531-6800. 

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