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Property and Evidence


Led by Sgt. Terry Baines, the Hall County Sheriff's Office Property and Evidence Unit is responsible for cataloging and inventorying items seized as evidence after they are submitted to the evidence room or crime lab for processing until needed for court. Items turned into this range from lost / recovered property to evidentiary items in rape, homicide, drug, and weapons cases.

The effective investigation and prosecution of a criminal offender relies heavily on the careful, methodical, and proper use and handling of evidence. It is the responsibility of the property and evidence section to maintain not only the integrity of each item of evidence, but the integrity of its chain of custody as well. Stringent safeguards are in place to ensure all property coming through the section is processed in accordance with state law and departmental policies and procedures, helping to ensure the item's evidentiary value in court.


In order to arrange the release and pick up of your personal property from our technicians, please make an appointment by contacting us at one of the numbers below: 

Office (770) 297-4693
Sgt. Baines (770) 297-4694


After making arrangements to pick up your personal property, you will find our Property and Evidence Unit operating out of the administrative offices facility located at: 

2859 Browns Bridge Road
Gainesville, GA 30504

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